Why is Herbalizer the best vaporizer on the market?

Most efficient – use less herbs for the same effect

Made in the US

Elegant design

Easy to use


What are the benefits of vaporization?

Medicinal herbs have been smoked for curative benefits for ages. Modern studies, and our collective experience support the belief that vaporizing herbs, or vaportherapy, is safer and more effective than smoking them. Without combustion none of the associated noxious gasses such as CO and CO2 are created. Vaporization releases the active ingredients of organic matter without combustion, so you only get the benefits and pure flavor from your herbs.

Why does Herbalizer’s precise temperature control matter?

Plants release different inherent essential oils at different temperatures. Each molecule boils and turns into a vapor at a specific temperature, and the Herbalizer allows you to control what you extract through its precise temperature.

Lower temperatures volatilize molecules that are gentle and uplifting. For most people, mid-range temperatures are balancing, while high temperature result in a very intense effect. If you’re new at vaporizing, we recommend starting at low temperatures and experimenting gradually with higher ones to find the effect you like the most.

The Herbalizer heats your favorite herbs and oils to within +/- 5°F (+/- 3°C), instantly.