Q: What is vaporization?

a: Vaporization is the process of extracting the active ingredients from plant materials through heat. It occurs when the active ingredient is heated and the liquids become gaseous, without causing combustion or the production of the associated noxious gasses such as CO and CO2. The by-product is the pure, vapor essence of the plant.


Q: Why vaporize?

a: Medicinal herbs have been smoked for curative benefits for ages. Modern studies, and our collective experience support the belief that vaporizing herbs, or vaportherapy, is safer and more effective than smoking them.

Without combustion none of the associated noxious gasses such as CO and CO2 are created. Vaporization releases the active ingredients of organic matter without combustion, so you only get the benefits and pure flavor from your herbs.


Q: How does temperature affect extraction levels?

a: Plants release different inherent essential oils at different temperatures. Each molecule boils and turns into a vapor at a specific temperature, and the Herbalizer allows you to control what you extract through its precise temperature.

Lower temperatures volatilize molecules that are gentle and uplifting. For most people, mid-range temperatures are balancing, while high temperature result in a very intense effect. If your new to vaporizing, we recommend starting at low temperatures and experimenting gradually with higher ones to get the effect you’re looking for.


Q: How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

a: 2-year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty, covers manufacturer defects. Learn more at http://www.herbalizer.com/pages/returns-warranty


Q: What is the Herbalizer’s temperature scale?

a: The Herbalizer heats your favorite herbs and oils to within +/- 5°F (+/- 3°C), instantly.


Q: Why is the Herbalizer's temperature range limited to a maximum of 445°F?

a: Combustion starts at 451°F, creating smoke and noxious gasses like CO and CO2. The Herbalizer provides +/-5°F (+/-3°C) stability in temperature so even at high heat, you’re guaranteed smoke free delivery


Q: Can I switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit?

a: Yes, all you have to do is hold the + and – bar down for two seconds to toggle between temperature modes.


Q: Why is my balloon filling too slowly?

a: Check if top screen inside the bowl has gotten too oily and needs to be replaced.


Q: How do I replace the bowl screen?

a: Use the back end of the clean up brush included with your Herbalizer to simply push out the oily screen, then replace a fresh one into the grooved steel.


Q: How do I clean the Herbalizer and its parts?

a: Use isopropyl alcohol, or a small amount of dish soap and a damp, soft cloth. Do not use strong cleaners!


Q: How long does it take Herbalizer to fill a vapor bag?

a: Herbalizer’s powerful, yet quiet fan, fills a bag in an average of 45 – 60 seconds.


Q: Where is the Herbalizer made?

a: The Herbalizer is proudly made and assembled in the USA.


Q: How long will the halogen bulb last in my Herbalizer?

a: Our testing shows the bulb will work for about 30 years of normal use. The Herbalizer is built to withstand daily use for years, and covered with our 2-year Warranty.


Q: What are the Herbalizer's automated features?

a: The Herbalizer automatically adjusts to ambient light, recalls its last temperature setting, shuts off if tipped over or after extended inactivity.


Q: How does the Herbalizer heat herbs and oils?

a: Your Herbalizer’s patented, thermal reaction chamber heats instantly with our proprietary halogen technology for perfect vaporization temperatures up to 445°F in under 15 seconds.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

a: Herbalizers are currently sold online in the US, and Authorized Retailer shops across the US and Canada.