Hi Canada. We have a lot to thank you for . . . an undeniable love for hockey, the “u” in “vapour,” Celine Dion and just being nice. (Jim Carrey makes up for Nickelback, so we’ll let that slide.)

So, to say a proper thank you to our favorite neighbor (Lo siento, Mexico), we want to help celebrate your Canada Day with a swell Herbalizer Prize Pack! Sounds pretty fantastic, eh?

This sweet little bundle includes a Herbalizer, our gorgeous new SteamRoller and a Santa Cruz Shredder, plus a Herbalizer hat, t-shirt and guitar picks. See? We really do love you.

You can enter to win in one or all of the following ways:

  • Email (confirmation email authentication required)
  • Repost on Facebook or Instagram with hashtags #Herbalizer #CanadaDay

So between cracking that Molson (you guys really drink those, right?) and firing up the BBQ, you’ve got plenty of time to enter! Here’s to you, Canada!

Happy Canada Day and Happy Herbalizing.

*Contest runs until July 10th at midnight



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