Tick Tock… are you ready for 4:20?

Enter To Win the #Herbalizer420 Ultimate Prize Pack And You Will Be!

They say you can’t have it all . . .

Well, sometimes THEY are just plain wrong!

For 4:20 (Aka. - April 20, 2016), Herbalizer is giving away 4 of the most amazing, the most astounding, the most, erm, herbalicious prize packs!! And we want to give you 4 chances to enter to win (email, text, facebook and Instagram); see details below. This is open to anyone in the US of A (over 18) and all entries must be in by midnight PST on April 20th.

Tell 'em what they can win, Bob!


Each Herbalizer Prize Pack Includes:

Herbalizer + Swag

The most efficient and discreet way to honor your flower and control your experience, the Herbalizer wants to be your new best friend. Without all the drama.



The 5-Strain Cannador ups the ante in herb storage with its sleek elegance and stunning craftsmanship. As you don your smoking jacket and slippers*, you can feel confident that your flower is maintaining its integrity and that your friends are feeling inferior. *Smoking jacket and slippers not included.



A powerful, high-quality, elegant, stainless steel vape pen that fits in the palm of your hand and works with any 510 thread cartridge. Unfortunately their 75% THC glass cartridges can’t ship out of California - need we say more? But you do get one of the most coveted hats in the industry, just Speakeasy about where you got it.


Santa Cruz Shredder

The titanium Santa Cruz Shredder’s superior magnets, screens and grip, the patented tooth design and their revolutionary new threading all combine to give the best grind possible. And they’re so pretty!


Dope Magazine

If you’re not reading it, you should be. If you are, you know what we’re talking about. With everything from current news to lifestyle and culture articles to strain reviews, Dope is the place to go for all things cannabis and beyond.


Leafly Swag

And speaking of cannabis, everything you could ever want to know about this beautiful plant can be found on Leafly. Question about a strain? Got it. Looking for a dispensary? Covered. Seeking a community of passionate consumers and advocates? BOOM.


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