How Insomniacs Find Sleep Using Medicinal Herb, Not Pharmaceuticals

Insomnia is one of those sleep problems that has plagued mankind for centuries.

But, as you can expect, what causes it is also something that people have encountered on a daily basis for millennia, and that is stress. Yes – news flash – stress is bad. 

People who regularly deal with a high level of stress are prone to a variety of health problems, insomnia often being one of those.

This means that the best way to deal with insomnia is to remove the stress from your life as fast as you can!


This is, of course, much easier said than done. 

The usual method involves a large and varied amount of pharmaceuticals. However, there are healthier, more effective and simpler solutions to help you avoid stress, fear, emotional distress and worry.

Medicinal herb is a wonderful solution for people that deal with insomnia because it will address the day-to-day stress quickly with clear and tangible results.

By addressing this issue with medicinal herb, you will likely be able to increase deep sleep, all while reducing the amount of REM sleep.

This aids in making the dream stage shorter so that your brain can focus on higher quality sleep.

Many times the issue with insomniacs is that they receive more REM sleep which offers poor quality rest, perpetuating the cycle of non-rejuvenating sleep.


The effect of medicinal herb when it comes to sleep is hard to quantify specifically.

What we do know is that it induces a state of pleasure into your brain; a state that will allow your brain to rest fully, maintaining restorative sleep throughout the night, thus accumulating more energy. 

The terpenes in medicinal herb, including citral, linalool and myrcene, induce a relaxed and sedated state, allowing your brain to sort of power down and say, “Bring it on” to those oh, so necessary sleep cycles.


Another positive is medicinal herb is not as counter-productive compared to current pharmaceuticals.

Many of those prescription drugs can produce unwanted side effects or, paradoxically, actually worsen your sleep.

When faced with these possible issues, medicinal herb seems like a far superior option and, let’s be honest, way more fun.

Understanding the magical healing powers of medicinal herb is excellent. The challenging aspect is to find the formula that works for you!

What temperature is your sweet spot?  Do you prefer the indicas or the sativas to rock you to sleep? 

We do always advise talking to a medical professional as well; those degrees have to be worth something, right?! 

In the end, it’s good to remember that there are options, and amazing ones at that, outside of the accepted pharmaceutical paths. 


TLDR: Stress = bad sleep; Medicinal Herbs> Pharmaceuticals; Medicinal Herb = less stress = better sleep

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  • July 12, 2016
  • Johnny Herbalizer