Do You Know How To SteamRoll?

ONCE UPON A TIME . . . there was a company called Herbalizer.

They were busy changing hearts, minds and lives with their amazing halogen technology.

By efficiently vaporizing the people’s flower at precision temperatures, they caused the sun to shine a little brighter and made their customers’ days a little better.

Okay – enough of the fairy tale, because the reality is even better!

We’ve got glass, folks. Beautiful, handblown, Herbalizer glass, made by elves and fairies with unicorn hair.


The Herbalizer SteamRoller is nine glorious inches that fits exactly over the bowl, and provides an ideal passageway for your vapor.

Fill the bowl with your favorite strain of flower, or even concentrates on the aromapad, grab ahold of that carb and enjoy the clean, pure flavor that glass so perfectly provides.

The flavor and aroma profiles in your flower are showcased sublimely AND it has that old school feel for those of you who miss the original methods minus the harsh cough and bong water taste.

This handblown beauty is embellished with the Herbalizer logo and a carb for your inhaling pleasure.

The bowl’s rubber cool grips create the perfect seal and the smooth, rounded mouthpiece makes for simple and safe usage.


Rounding out the package is the bonus inner chamber which cools and diffuses the vapor.

The SteamRoller provides yet another way to enjoy the vapor you crave with the device you love.

The flavor is clean and extraordinary and there’s no burning, no combusting, no smoke.

The clean halogen technology of the Herbalizer married to the pure flavor of the glass makes for some beautiful vapor babies.

And this futuristic bong is just plain fun for the whole family!

A brand new Herbalizer experience has arrived.

One that can be appreciated by both young and old, pros and newbies, flower fans and concentrate aficionados alike.


. . . And the Herbalizer and the SteamRoller lived happily ever after.

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  • June 02, 2016
  • Carrie Heath