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Relief at the Speed of Light

“This is the easiest vape I have found yet. Now, I can stop looking for perfection because I found it. This machine worked as advertised --right out of the box.” - Bradley H.

Relief at the Speed of Light

Herbie Limited Edition

Now you can own the world’s most technologically advanced vaporizer. The Herbalizer is versatile, easy to use. And brilliantly fast.

The LIMITED EDITION Herbalizer includes:

  • 2-Year Quality Guarantee
  • Never to be repeated software that displays LIMITED EDITION on screen
  • Unique greeting messages that welcome you during Herbie boot-up
  • Ultra high-end metallic paint job, color: meteorize
  • Special LIMITED EDITION packaging that doubles as a carrying case

Discreet and Intuitive Design

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Instant Relief

Relief in under 30 seconds
Use temperature precision to tailor your relief



centered, calm, stressfree, peaceful, alert,



euphoric, creative, sensual, laughing, hungry,



painless, relaxed, liberated, insightful,


Smoke-free delivery for natural herbs and concentrates

Load herbs or concentrates

Tap the vaportherapy button. Twist the bowl a ¼ turn to open. Load herbs, loosely packed half way up the bowl. Or, apply a small amount of concentrates onto the aromapad and put them in the bowl (concentrates facing up).

Set the temperature

Set the temperature and let our halogen technology deliver unmatched vapor quality. Experience flavor and aromas like never before, with increased efficiency.

Choose whip, balloon or freestyle

Attach the whip for instant delivery, fill a balloon for sharing or portability or use without the whip or balloon and fill the room with vapor.

Boost with assisted delivery

Press the fan to give a boost through the whip, inflate a balloon, or fill up the room with freshly produced vapors.


Fill your room with the scent of essential oils.

Apply essential oil

Tap the aromatherapy button. Remove the aroma pad from the holder located in the front of the mezzanine storage. Apply 3-5 drops of essential oil to the aromapad by tapping your finger on the back of the bottle. Add a few extra drops for larger rooms.

Load the aromapad

Place pad in specially designed slot on the front of the mezzanine with the essential oils facing out into the room.

Set the timer

Set the timer for the desired length of your aromatherapy session. Optionally, press the fan button to toggle between “quiet” and full power.

Close the lid

Close the lid and the fan automatically turns on for you to relax with “classic” aromatherapy. Once the timer runs out, Herbie automatically goes to sleep.


What are the benefits of vaporization

Medicinal herbs have been smoked for curative benefits for ages. Modern studies, and our collective experience support the belief that vaporizing herbs, or vaportherapy, is safer and more effective than smoking them. Without combustion none of the associated noxious gasses such as CO and CO2 are created. Vaporization releases the active ingredients of organic matter without combustion, so you only get the benefits and pure flavor from your herbs.

Why is Herbalizer the best vaporizer on the market?

Most efficient – use less herbs for the same effect

Made in the US

Elegant design

Easy to use

Why does Herbalizer’s precise temperature control matter?

Plants release different inherent essential oils at different temperatures. Each molecule boils and turns into a vapor at a specific temperature, and the Herbalizer allows you to control what you extract through its precise temperature.

Lower temperatures volatilize molecules that are gentle and uplifting. For most people, mid-range temperatures are balancing, while high temperature result in a very intense effect. If you’re new at vaporizing, we recommend starting at low temperatures and experimenting gradually with higher ones to find the effect you like the most.

The Herbalizer heats your favorite herbs and oils to within +/- 5°F (+/- 3°C), instantly.

Hear from our customers

Herbie is the most advanced, most elegant herbal vaporizer ever to exist, I don’t think that’s too much of a stretch. There is virtually no heat up period. The packaging is damn near apple quality. Every detail is awesome.

Herbalizer Review from Vincent

Fast fast FAST! Heat up time is less then 10 seconds form a cold start! I cranked it straight to 445F and proceeded to get super milky vapor instantly! Did I mention instantly!

Herbalizer Review from Denalus

Received the herbie today & so far, so amazing. Size is perfect & performance so far has been outstanding. Started out at 350F. First tried the whip, nice vapor. Then busted out a bag & was delighted to see the density of the vapor. Milky & dense, more so than I expected. The vapor didn’t start thinning out until the fourth bag. Quite impressive.

Herbalizer Review from Sean, NY

The Herbie is a massive hit on campus. My entire fraternity is in love with it! I now have to regulate the amount of traffic coming into my room as everyone wants to continuously use it! This device is truly revolutionary and indeed something special. It fits my needs perfectly as I love being able to extract exactly what I want from this device. All my symptoms have now been resolved. You guys are awesome!

Herbalizer Review from Sina, UC Berkley

I just got mine today. Gave it a whirl with the whip and the bag and all I can say is this thing is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe how fast this thing heats up. It is truly idiot proof!!!!!! This thing is light years ahead of anything I have ever used and very efficient!!!!! I’m in Love!!!!!

Herbalizer Review from Billy G.

The packaging: professional, classy. For once it feels like I’m opening a high quality, high price item. The carrying handle is a big plus, making this a box worth keeping in top condition. Heat up time: 9 seconds from off to max (445F). Are you kidding me? The single most impressive thing I’ve witnessed in a desktop vaporizer. Vaportherapy: Loaded .2g into the bowl and went straight to 445F because I require high temp vapor. Smoooooth and flavorful. The whip length really allows for the vapor to cool down and the flavor is strong and pure. Aromatherapy: It works, and it works well. I tried out a little bit of the included essential oil blend. Just a few drops onto one of the pads, closed the lid, and the fan took off.

The Herbalizer Review from David

The Herbalizer is a winner in my book. Love the instant set up so and the precision/consistency of the temp settings. The fact that you can dial in an “uplifting” temp and experience somatic benefits without any noticeable psycho-active effect is fantastic.

Herbalizer Review from Happy Customer

I’ve been trying REAL HARD to convert several combusting friends for a couple years and this just may be the ticket.. Habits die hard but Herbie performs so well and is so versatile that I think it will finally open some eyes.

Herbalizer Vaporizer Review from Toros23

THE HERBALIZER…WOW Just…wow As it has been said, to use this vaporizer is to know the pleasure of using a fine piece of craftsmanship, like a brand new Apple computer or a violin hand-made by a master luthier. This thing is just classy through and through! And obviously very well-thought out and carefully planned for optimal ergonomics. There *finally* seems to actually be everything I could ask for in a vaporizer here. All contained in a super slick, classy and futuristic-looking unit! Most definitely a game-changer for me, both in terms of offering features not available in other vapes I’ve tried, and in terms of making my daily vapor sessions much more enjoyable and efficient!

Herbalizer Review from Fine Grind

Morning folks! First morning Herbie session and it was pretty awesome. I started at med temp and with the whip to start (380) and it was extreme flavor with mild vapor production. Proceded to bump it up to 445 and put a bag on. Instant milky vapor on bag 1. While I enjoyed that bag I put a few drops of rosemary oil onto the aromatherapy pad and closed the lid. Very relaxing to enjoy the bag while getting a gentle breeze of rosemary.

Herbalizer Vaporizer Review from Your Highness

…the Herbalizer could seriously be a game changer. I mean, it already is a game changer as far as I’m concerned, but I really think selective extraction could be a huge breakthrough for everyone. I bought this thing thinking I was going to use it almost exclusively in that 350-400 range, but now I’m finding myself using it almost exclusively at 290-300 in the morning and 400-445 during the evening. To me, this demonstrates the power of true temperature control. It also tells me that my perception of vaporization temperatures was a bit skewed by previous units. It’s really nice to have total control and confidence in the extraction process.

Review from Letter Never Sent, San Diego, CA

A very sleek and elegant design, unfortunately it looks like I am going to have to redesign my man cave so this vape actually looks like it belongs in there! I was thinking leather and chrome! LOL!!!

Herbalizer Review from Andrew Joffe

Herbie came through my house like a tsunami! I feel like Stan Lee as vaporyst friends come through the door I greet them like come along true believers – the action awaits. Another place to see independent Herbalizer vaporizer reviews is all across the web. And it’s funny how by the 3rd time repeating themselves about big clouds their words are distorted and then they scatter around looking for snacks.

Herbaliser Vape Review from Mike Stotsky.

The cat has been Herbalized…

Herbie Review from Natural Farmer

You can start at 143C (290F), vape for a couple minutes, enjoy the buzz, come back a bit later and increase the temperature by 20, 15, even 5 degrees at a time. I’ve gone through the entire range (143C – 229C / 290F – 445F) in 10 degree increments a number of times and each level is a slightly different experience. As I see it, the Herbalizer’s temperature control superiority is a combination of the following factors in a well-engineered design and software implementation. * Precision – Reliable and consistent temperature control. Repeatability. * Accuracy – The thermocouple used has a rated accuracy of 0.1% and drift of less than 0.1F per year. It’s also located directly underneath the bowl area. * Speed – The purpose built halogen bulb is the fastest and most powerful heat source in any vape that I can think of. The thermocouple can detect temperature changes in a fraction of a second. * Calibration – High performance components are important, but the system must be calibrated properly for them to work in concert. Each Herbalizer unit is calibrated individually. * Resolution – The unit is adjustable in 1 degree increments, with a conservative stated accuracy of 2.77C/5F. * Feedback – The digital readout makes it easy to see where the temperature is at and how long it will take before it reaches your setpoint. Take away one of these things and you’re left with a far less capable and/or useful temperature control system. These are some of the same reasons I use my induction cooktop instead of my coil stove and a digital balance instead of spring scales. I’m having a hard time thinking of another vape that comes close in any of the above categories.

Best Herbalizer Review from Vtac

I used the pad for concentrates last weekend and OMG…. sooo smoooooth and effective. I ‘really’ like this with the Herbie to enjoy the ‘control’ I have temp wise

Herbalizer Review from Smokum

I’ve tried several different vape units, and this is by far my favorite. It takes no time to heat up, so the relief is almost instantaneous. Plus after I’m done vaping I turn on the Aromotherapy so the whole house smells great - my wife loves it!

Jason, from Facebook

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